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About Me/Biografy

Franko Camue, born in 1972 in Dortmund, came in touch with art very early .

His mother was a dedicated gallery owner, art collector and an artist herself. In time, she amassed an enormous collection of art books. With these books Franko grew up, too. As a youth he came 1988 in contact with graffiti, a trend art form of the youth and participiated like many other young people at his age. He found out a way to express his creativity and especially with the spray-can also a time suitable medium for him . After finishing school 1994 (graduation Abitur) he founded in 1995 the "legal" graffiti Agency artlive.

In the years between 1995 and 1998 he procured with this activity a great public interest and media coverage. He also organized hip hop events and art exhibitions. His first solo exhibition he had was in the big fashion house Axel Voßschulte in downtown Dortmund. This was followed by several other exhibitions such as in Lindenbrauerei Unna or on the You-Messe 1996. Not least for reasons of health he decided 1998 to change into conventional art (using brush). But first he made a carpenter education, which he completed in 2000 with the receiption of the journeyman letter. 2001 - 2004 he studied the subjects of art, art history and German at the University of Dortmund, before he 2005 dedicated himself to art completely and started with oil painting. It followed (since 2005) several exhibitions such as in the Nicolaikirche Dortmund, in the gallery or in the Chamber of Commerce to Dortmund (IHK Dortmund).

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