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'Round Music' - Paintings (2005 - 2021)

Round Music

Since about 2011, I am working now with my current painting project "Round Music". This painting theme which examines the relationship between painting and music has not occurred by chance. It was offered to me, because me myself also play music (guitar, vocals). 
The motifs which are mainly in oil, are guitars, basses, saxophones, trumpets, drums and potraits of famous musicians. Some works were alienated "rhythmically", some "cubistic" or they are approaching the Pop Art style. Sometimes the brushing texture is done in changing movement similar to the "flutter kick" or "strumming technique" when guitar playing according to music of mostly "groovy" Jazz. This creates a special "musical" seeming and "alive" "expression.

Gelber Akkord (yellow chord), 2005

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